An opportunity of a lifetime!




  • To enable individuals and families to experience the culture and history of Israel within the context of biblical history and current events.
  • To enable individuals and families to participate in outreach and ministries in Israel.
  • To enable individuals and families to participate in spiritual and educational experiences, which they can share with the congregation.



  • To provide assistance to individuals and families desiring to travel to Israel.



  • Names of individuals/families interested in traveling to Israel will be drawn from
    a lottery once a year on the last day of Hanukkah on the Roman calendar.
  • Anyone who is a member of HRF for one year is eligible for the lottery.
  • Individuals and families may donate, even if they are not planning on participating in the lottery. Anonymous donations only may be placed in the  tzedakah ("charitable giving") box in an envelope marked Israel Scholarship Fund.
  • Minimum donation for individuals/families wanting to participate would be $200. Individuals/families must have the full amount in cash on the day of the drawing. We encourage people to be as generous as their funds would allow.
  • Donations are non-refundable.
  • The individual/family would have one year to travel to/or make travel arrangements to Israel from the date of the drawing.
  • If the individual/family elects not to travel, has not made travel arrangements or is unable to travel within that year, then the funds would roll into the next drawing.
  • All funds will be transferred into two signature traveler's checks by the HRF treasurers. Funds will be dispersed to the individual/family drawn once travel arrangements have been made.
  • The maximum to be given to an individual/family drawn towards a trip to Israel would be $2500.
  • Funds given to the scholarship fund, above $2500 would roll into the following year's "travel fund" in the form of two signature traveler's checks.
  • Individuals/families drawn would be responsible for travel expenses beyond what has been donated/allocated.
  • The scholarship guidelines will be reviewed annually by the HRF board at the next meeting following the lottery.

If you have any questions please email